My Learning Journies

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Day Three:

Some heavy lifting on the trail

Finally got to spend a good chunk of time of the trail this afternoon. Dinner might be a little late but I rounded a milestone.

I can lose myself easily in wood I know so well. Each day I pick a lanmark as a goal. A fallen tree, a specific rock, or the bottom of the hill can all serve as goals. I have wanted to pass a rock formation for a long time. Forever it felt as if I would never get there. Every day adding just twenty or thirty feet of trail. Today I made it

I spent juts over two hours. I took 4,634 steps and walked 3,539 feet. I spent much of the time with a rake. The body starts to ache in ways not possible doing this work.

Learning isn't easy either. It takes work.

Day Two: Getting Back to Work

First day working in the field

screenshot of gps tracker

I spent some more time in the filed today working on the trail. The horseflies attack relentlessly. Yet I made some good progess. Started to clear train and added maybe 50 feet.

Overall I traveled 3,317 feet walking back and forth fopr a total of 3,503 steps. Worked just shy of an hour today.

Thought a bunch about the similarotes between teaching and building a trail. We get drawn to pathways. Not everyone wants to approach a subject with a machete ready to cut through confusion. Yet that does not mean we can provide choice and agency.

You also need a principla of least harm. Education ain't an easy road for all. Some of the choices we make may not match the desires of our learners. Same on the trail you need to look at the terrain and choose to work in ways that do not destroy.

Day one: Digging In

First day working in the field

I have long wanted to finish the trail I have been building. #CLMOOC gives me a good opportunity. Today I spent about anhours doing a round of just mapping the next steps. I only walked about 2,038 feet and took 1,226 steps

I am looking forward to sharing this journey on my new blog. You can remix this site by clicking on the fish above. There is even a step by step guide.

So I am using my field work to help my work in the field. As I dig through the under brush I want to help folks build blogs.